What makes us special

Mishkon stands for Gift of Love. We believe in loving everyone and giving them gift of life which is love.

About Us

We are a multi-disciplinary e-commerce advisory and consulting firm, founded in 2017 under the umbrella of MISHKON RESEARCH LABS LTD. We enable brands to do more of what they do best with a consistent and effective brand message. We help them stand out and be heard!

Often, the business and its branding strategies are misaligned, we bring them together or pivot them to meet your business goals and reap rewards for your business.

At its core, Mishkon International is a provider of result-driven brand solutions for organisations of all shapes and sizes. We cross-pollinate the needs of a brand with our expertise to create an integrated, cohesive and cutting-edge customer experience. We help brands overcome complex business challenges with ease.

We currently have our strategic partners in Canada, Spain and the UK. We also have our brand portfolio by the name of Mintroots, Purplemint, Blue Mint & Red Mint. Our parent company deals in pharma, hospitality & care, medical equipment and pharma consultancy.

If you are looking for a creative and strategic partnership to deliver your branding goals, to expand your market and to accelerate business growth, we would love to collaborate with you.


To meet the ambitions of brands by partnering with them in their digital transformation journey while enhancing their profitability and market share.


To bring the maximum number of global brands on board with versatile product categories to give our customers a remarkable product experience.